Premium vitamin and mineral premix designed to completely meet Calf nutritional needs and boost calf immune system. Highly fortified with broad spectrum of highest quality ingredients Calf Booster exceeds fortification levels suggested by U.S.A. National research Council and lays down a foundation for cow to reach full genetic Potential in health and productivity. Calves are born with no active immune system and often colostrum can be insufficient quality.Whole milk also does not provide all necessary vitamins and minerals needed to support calf growth and immune function. Calf Booster is designed to bridge this gap and is the only one 100% water dispersible supplement on the market that ensures your calves gets maximum immune system support. 

Helps cows to reach full genetic potential and maximum productivity



  • Promotes maximum calf’s immune system function

  • May reduce impact of sickness, weaning, comingling and dehorning

  • Improves calf feed intake, promotes growth and weight gain

  • Helps to reduce diarrhea, significantly increase calf survival rate

  • Assist for calf to reach full genetic potential for growth, health and high milk production.

  • Cost effective solution that helps to eliminate milk’s micronutrient deficiencies

  • 100% water dispersible, no floaters, no sinkers and no sticking

  • Instantly disperses into pasteurized whole milk

  • It takes just about total 250 gr of Calf Booster to assist calves in this very important period of development


  Typical Profile:

   Vitamin A                 4,600,000 IU/kg

   Vitamin D3               1,600,000 IU/kg

   Vitamin E                        22,000 IU/kg

   Vitamin B2                       1,400 mg/kg

   Vitamin B6                       1,400 mg/kg

   Vitamin B12                      3,500 mg/kg

   Vitamin C                       55,600 mg/kg

   Niacin                               2,300 mg/kg
   Biotin                                      22 mg/kg

   Pantothenic Acid            6,500 mg/kg


   Folic Acid                       1,760 mg/kg

   Selenium Copper               35 mg/kg

   Cobalt                                   13 mg/kg
   Iron                              10,000 mg/kg
   Iodine                                  88 mg/kg

   Manganese                   5,000 mg/kg

   Zinc                                7,000 mg/kg

   Calcium                                  70 g/kg

   Phosphorus                          130 g/kg

 Dosage & Application:

4.5 grams per calf per day. Dilute in pasteurized whole milk.

Start supplementing Calf Booster immediately after colostrum feeding

Fred Calf Booster until calves are weaned

Packing: Multiple size pouches, plastic pails and bags

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