100% Water Dispersible

High concentration 100% water dispersible special vitamin blend plays important role at chicken or poultry placement, during disease challenge and other periods of stress such as excessive heat, vaccination, overcrowding or suboptimal management. Stress typically depresses feed intake and Poultry Booster becomes crucial to overcome stress related challenges.  Poultry Booster compatible with all poultry drinking systems, no clogging and no film building.


Non-GMO with all ingredients US origin 


  • Vitamin A helps immune response in heat stressed layers  &humoral immune response in broilers  

  • Vitamin E helps to improve infectious bronchitis virus titer in broilers  & immune response of broilers under heat stress 

  • Vitamin C assist immune response of broilers against IBDV 

  • Increasing B-vitamin supplementation may improve broiler F/G, livability, 49d gain, breast meat yield & carcass weightHigh vitamin fortification improved broiler body weight gain & breast meat yield in normal & high stocking density. Helps to reduce breast lipid oxidation 

  • High vitamin fortification improves carcass yield  and egg production, F/G, egg weight and hen livability.  Supplementing folic acid enriches folate content of eggs

  • High vitamin B12, B2 & Pantothenic Acid increase the content of these vitamins in the egg

  • Poultry Booster supplied by automated water system ensures reliable and continues supply of crucial vitamin supplementation with minimal effort and maintenance

  • High vitamin fortification improves egg production & weight, F/G and hen livability

Poultry Booster / SPECIFICATIONS

Typical Profile:

Vitamin A:                      11,023,000 IU/kg

Vitamin D:                       7,048,000 IU/kg

Vitamin E:                             44,052 IU/kg

Menadione (Vit. K):              8,818 mg/kg

Vitamin C:                           39,682 mg/kg

Vitamin B1, Thiamine:         7,709 mg/kg

Vitamin B2, Riboflavin:        5,506 mg/kg


Vitamin B6,

Pyridoxine:                       5,506 mg/kg

Pantothenic acid:          20,246 mg/kg

Vitamin B12:                           41 mg/kg

Biotin (H):                            275 mg/kg

Folic Acid:                          1,321 mg/kg

Vitamin B3, Niacin:              66 mg/kg

 Dosage & Application:

  1 Gram per 3.8 litters of clean water. Poultry Booster is 100 % water soluble and perfect to be used with all brands automated water drinking systems

Packing: 2.5; 5; 10; 25 Kg Bags

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