High concentration specific bacterial and enzyme strain blend with all strains selected to speed up manure decomposition. Cost effective and proven solution to enhance the natural process of manure digestion to reduce solids and odors in livestock waste. Non-GMO. All ingredients are US origin. A new and proactive component for your waste management program. 

New and improved product  for accelerated manure management

Researched Benefits

         What Makes This Product Different?

  •  Research proven

  •  Species specifics

  •  Contains aerobic and facultative anaerobic strains of microorganizms

  •  Easy to use

  •  Natural

  •  Safe


        Easier agitation, saving in fuel and labor

  • Fiber digesting organisms helps to dissolve solids and make slurry agitation much more easier.

  • As a result, you have less mixing time which uses less fuel with the mixing tractor.

  • There is less labor required to mix the manure.


       Reduced sludge accumulation and crust build up

  • Improved digestion reduces sludge and crust build-up.

  • Less crust means easier agitation and more uniform slurry content.

  • Uniformity. Uniform slurry content makes manure analysis more meaningful - first load, second load or last load, always will be very similar in nutrient composition.


       More Complete Clean-out means More Capacity

  • If you have a 10 ft. deep manure pit with 2ft. of sludge, you have reduced your capacity by 20%.  Consequently, your storage cost of manure is increased by 20%.

  • save on labor. It is easier and more cost effective to pump a gallon of manure than to scoop it up and haul it out.


        Retain more fertilizer value

  • Due to less ammonia formation results in more retained nitrogen (N).

  • This results in increased fertilizer value.

  • Example: Prior to usage N levels were 20 lb. N/1,000 gal. With the use of Manure Digestion Accelerator, N levels increased to 23.8 lb. N/1,000 gal.  This increase may cover the cost of product


       Reduced odors

  • Odors are measured by the VFA (Volatile Fatty Acid) content in the manure.

  • Due to the improved decomposition process achieved with the use of Manure Digestion Accelerator, fewer VFA’s are formed resulting in less odor.

Manure Digestor Accelerator / SPECIFICATIONS

Typical Profile:

Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus licheniformis total:

 1.8 x 10 - 10 cfg/gram 



Dried Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus Licheniformis fermentation products. Aspergillum niger extract, Trichoderma reesei extract, Bacillus subtilis extract and Trichoderma longibrachiatum extract.

 Dosage & Application

  Stored waste 500 grams per 100,000 gallons

  Monthly dosage 500 grams per 200 heads

Packing: 500 gr pouches

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