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    Our mission


Guided by our customer's vision and focused on achieving their goals, we deliver operational excellence that meets or exceeds expectations.  Our long-term strategy is guided by our core values: commitment to the highest standards in product quality and service, innovation, integrity, reliability and dedication to client needs.

 As the developments and challenges in animal husbandry science becomes increasingly complex, we are dedicated to stay ahead of our competitors and continue our growth and success

    Our commitment


With strong focus on animal nutrition, health and performance, we always stay on the front lines by keeping direct and open channels of communications with farms to learn the challenges and to provide support by bring innovative, all-natural and highest quality solutions to assure economical effect and complete customers satisfaction. 

    Our Expertise


While we work and have long experience in all aspects of bioscience applications to animal health and productivity our main focus always was on what we think are two most important things producers in farms face today. Effectively replacing antibiotics with Direct Fed Microbial products is one of our highest priorities and expertise and delivering vitamins and minerals to all animals in most effective way is our another strength. 

    Direct Fed Microbial 


It is very long, hard and expensive process that requires deep understanding of bioscience to develop special bacterial strains to deliver the best possible results. There are thousands and thousands bacterial strains and only through scientific selection and multiple trials most effective "PERFORMERS" are selected and used in our products. 

We are proud to to state with confidence that our Direct Fed Microbial product line is fortified with high concentration best performing bacterial strains that allows producers to reduce or completely eliminate antibiotic use and still get best performance in their farms. 

Our SUPER DFM PLUS product line is heat stable, perfect for pelleting and provides impressive results in Poultry, Swine and Dairy Cattle sectors. AQUA DFM is championing in shrimp and fish sector. Only one time dosage is required for pond water in three month and feed AQUA DFM is also heat stable.  

   100 % Water Dispersible


We have an unmatched expertise, experience and pattented technological process to produce  truly  100 % water dispersible products. From vitamins and minerals premixes for calf, piglets and all the way to dairy cattle drench, we make high concentration, complex formulas fortified with all the necessary ingredient your animal needs. 



All our products are manufactured according to federal and state feed manufacturing requirements and regulations in the facilities that are Safe Feed / Safe Food and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point certified.



We use only Made in USA, Non - GMO and GRAS ingredients and raw materials that produced by us or sourced out from verified and approved vendors. Our manufacturing facilities are regularly audited to assure health, sanitary, quality and biosecurity compliance. 

Thank you for visiting us at our website and we sincerely hope one day to meet you in person.



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