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As the challenges in animal husbandry becomes increasingly complex, we keep our focus on developing and delivering highest quality feed additives and premixes for dairy cattle, swine, poultry, aqua and feed preservation sectors. 


At Frondita we go far beyond R&D and work in tandem with producers to bring to the market scientifically proven and field tested solutions for livestock covering all major species. 

We use only USA made natural ingredients and our products are Safe Feed / Safe Food, HACCP and Non - GMO Certified and produced with undivided attention to quality for best performance.

We blend many years of our experience with the latest achievements in the Bio-Science and develop brake-through specific microbial based products for all animal sectors.


Our SUPER DFM PLUS product line as well as AQUA and other microbial based high concentration and heat stable blends offer superb performance for all animal sectors. 

In our work we always 100 % result oriented and that is clearly appreciated by the producers in all sectors.

Quality of our products is our primary focus and it is our pledge to our customers to always provide the highest quality products developed and manufactured under the latest guidelines and standards of Safe Feed / Safe Food regulations. All our products meet most strict industry requirements and manufactured in the facilities with the following certifications:


  • Safe Feed - Safe Food Certified
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Certified
  • Canadian Ractopamine - Free Pork Certified
  • Non-GMO / Not Genetically Modified
  • GRAS - All Ingredients Generally Recognized as Safe by FDA
  • We Use All Natural Ingredients
  • All Ingredients are USA Made


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